Wednesday, May 23, 2012

One Step Closer to Not Being Homeless

This morning, I did something I had never done before in my life.

I applied for an apartment.

While some may think this was a very small thing, it was a big step for me. Not because it was difficult, or because I was afraid that they might turn me down, but because of what it meant.

You see, 5 years ago, I was adopted into a wonderful community of people which very quickly became family. And I was just lucky enough to live with all these people. All 200 of them.
So to me, moving into an apartment with just one roommate is a new thing.
I will no longer be surrounded by my second family of Stewart Hall.
I will no longer be just one flight of stairs away from familiar faces, hugs that last as long as I need them to and constant word of encouragement.

However this move also means, I will no longer be bombarded by the constant stress of school, the long hours of being an RA or the horrible decision between sleeping or studying. (studying won out far too many times this past semester). Those things I am more than happy to give up.

The wonderful thing is that I don't leave behind any of those important, wonderful relationships. I know that if I need encouraging words, I can pick up the phone and call Alli.
If I need to be slapped back to reality, I'll give Erin a call and she'll give me a "real talk".
And if I need any number of other things, all those "family members" are just a phone call away.

So today, is bittersweet. Ok it's mostly just sweet because I CANNOT WAIT to move into my own place, but I will miss the community that came with my room for the last 5 years. It will take awhile for my new place to become a home. And somehow, I'm just not quite sure it will be able to live up to my Stewart Hall home.

Hopefully a kitchen will help fill the void. ;)
Oh, don't worry, there will be fresh love cookies every time someone comes to visit :)

Update - Just found out my application was accepted. WOHOO!

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

This time, it's ok to be a bit of a snob

I have a confession. Today, I might have realized that I'm a bit of a snob. I like nice things. And today, I came to the realization that this (not surprisingly) extends to my choice of residence. 

You see, today I drove an hour and a half to look at 8 perspective places to live. It was both exciting and overwhelming. Exhilarating and exhausting. Liberating and tied me down.
Basically I'm saying it was both good and bad. 

A little background for you...
A little over three months ago, one of the worst things that I thought could ever happen, happened. 

You see, in your third year of pharmacy school, the didactic work stops and you go on rotations. These consist of anything from working at CVS, a hospital pharmacy, a pediatric wing or a an anti-coagulation clinic. It's a whole new aspect of school that every pharmacy student CANNOT WAIT to get to. It's like the cherry on top of the sundae that is pharmacy school. 

And you see, there were too many people who wanted to be stationed in the same place that I also wanted. So, to be fair and balanced, all our names were put into a bowl and our fates were left up to "The Draw" (if you're now picturing something sort of like the Hunger Games, you'd be correct. Minus the blood. And killing. But basically everything else was the same).

So you see, there I was, so sure that I of all people would not fall victim to the draw. There were too many others. It would be unbearable if I had to up and move. No way would God do that to me. He's put me through enough, surely He won't allow my life to be uprooted again.
(If you can see where this is going, please feel free to laugh at this point. If not, you'll have your chance later.)

So, the draw happened. And out of that purple $1 bowl from Walmart, my name popped. Shock, disbelief and elephant sized tears followed shortly after. 

This aforementioned event is what brings us to today. Because of the fateful day, I got the chance to start an incredible new adventure called "moving to Tulsa". Although it took me awhile to see this as a blessing, I'm now embracing it. Let's see what you've got to offer Tulsa!

Enough tangents; back to the lessons I learned today.
- If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. Especially if that it's a 2 bed, 2 bath apartment in South Tulsa for less than $800. 
- It's good to keep an open mind... but if you like something, you like it. Just go with it.
- If you're in a new city, it can be fun to get a little lost. Scary, but fun.
- If the siding on the side of the building is falling off, just skip the tour. I promise the inside doesn't look much better.
- It's your money. Get your money's worth. This goes for everything in life, not just the place you're living.

All this being said, I'm about to apply for my first apartment. Wish my luck and say a little prayer.

Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Fun with a smattering of lessons.

This weekend... well it was a busy weekend.
Friday I had a bachelorette party ( the FIRST among my high school friends, thus indicating the end of an era.
Then my Kansas best friend graduated and I spent time with her and her family Saturday and Sunday.
My weekend ended on Monday (yes, I'm that awesome- I got a three day weekend), with an encouraging talk from two wonderfully godly women followed by a fun breakfast that I turned into an enlightening conversation. Let's just say it was a good end to an long, exciting weekend.

SO yeah, it was  a busy weekend to say the least.

Lessons learned this weekend?

-Bachelorette parties will ALWAYS turn inappropriate. Embrace it early, it makes it more fun.

-Drives by yourself are more fun with good music. And at least one subwoofer.

-When you're accepted by your best friend's family as one of their own, you know you've made it. This is kind of how I envision fitting in with my future in-laws; just mesh right in-like I should have been there all along.

-If you're going to be outside in the sun for FOUR HOURS, for the love of all that is good and holy, use sunscreen.

-Patience is a lesson we constantly have to learn. Apparently whether you're 22 or 62, God still doesn't give you the whole road map. Bits and pieces, yes. The whole thing? No way.

-If you have a question for someone in your life, ask it. If they care enough, they won't care if the question is dumb or obvious or a combination of those two. They'll probably laugh at you, the ridiculousness that you create in your own mind, but then they'll humor you and make you feel better about the situation. And if they don't...well then they obviously aren't worth a great chunk of your time.

Now kids, it is time for Game 5 of the Thunder vs. Lakers.  THUNDER UP!

Friday, May 18, 2012

Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

First off, if you're reading this, thanks for stopping by. I sure hope you enjoy what you've found. Now what have you gotten yourself into? Lemme 'splain
This blog is a meticulous blend of many things (kinda like my life), including, but not limited to: Thunder Basketball, pharmacy highs and lows, an occasional "what the hell is happening in my life" that will undoubtly be followed by an encouraging post of what the Lord taught me through it. Oh and stories of how moving can be both hellacious and hilarious. 
That's just a smattering of what you've stepped into. I hope you like it. I hope you learn from it and laugh at least once while you're here.
Ok, so now, maybe y'all would like to know a little about me?
I'm Oklahoma born and bred. My family and friends are undoubtly the most important things in my life (yes that was cliché; get over it)
I'm finishing up my LAST year of pharmacy school this year. Just. In case you weren't aware, pharmacy is easy peasy effing brutal. Along with that, I also am moving to a whole different city to do my rotations. Don't worry, there will be many tales of both moving a rotations. Look forward to them...
I love Thunder basketball. A lot.  I actually guess this can be blamed on a silly boy I once liked, but I'm okay with it since it led me to "My Boys". Yes, I love them that much.
I also have a deep love for my Cowboys. And while I'm pretty sure I don't actually bleed orange, I wish it could.  I have also been growing my love for KU, because of my two best friends who love them and another...friend who may have helped me grow my fandom during the playoffs this year. Don't worry, I'll clear it all up... eventually.

And I would like to leave you with this– I fully and 100% God has a wonderful plan for my life. Do I know what it all is? Nope, not at all.
Do I doubt He knows what he's doing? Sadly, sometimes yes. I'm human.  So far from perfect. But thankfully,  He takes me back every time I fail, and teaches me a lesson from my humanness.
Well, that's what I have for now. Hope to see you again tomorrow!
PS– THUNDER UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!