Monday, May 21, 2012

Weekend Fun with a smattering of lessons.

This weekend... well it was a busy weekend.
Friday I had a bachelorette party ( the FIRST among my high school friends, thus indicating the end of an era.
Then my Kansas best friend graduated and I spent time with her and her family Saturday and Sunday.
My weekend ended on Monday (yes, I'm that awesome- I got a three day weekend), with an encouraging talk from two wonderfully godly women followed by a fun breakfast that I turned into an enlightening conversation. Let's just say it was a good end to an long, exciting weekend.

SO yeah, it was  a busy weekend to say the least.

Lessons learned this weekend?

-Bachelorette parties will ALWAYS turn inappropriate. Embrace it early, it makes it more fun.

-Drives by yourself are more fun with good music. And at least one subwoofer.

-When you're accepted by your best friend's family as one of their own, you know you've made it. This is kind of how I envision fitting in with my future in-laws; just mesh right in-like I should have been there all along.

-If you're going to be outside in the sun for FOUR HOURS, for the love of all that is good and holy, use sunscreen.

-Patience is a lesson we constantly have to learn. Apparently whether you're 22 or 62, God still doesn't give you the whole road map. Bits and pieces, yes. The whole thing? No way.

-If you have a question for someone in your life, ask it. If they care enough, they won't care if the question is dumb or obvious or a combination of those two. They'll probably laugh at you, the ridiculousness that you create in your own mind, but then they'll humor you and make you feel better about the situation. And if they don't...well then they obviously aren't worth a great chunk of your time.

Now kids, it is time for Game 5 of the Thunder vs. Lakers.  THUNDER UP!

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