Friday, June 1, 2012

Vacation- The Aftermath

Today... was a good day. Let me tell you why.

Since Monday morning, I've been in Florida. It was wonderful. Sun, Sand, and no alarm clocks.   Mom booked the vacation...3 days before we left. It was the most spontaneous vacation that we've ever taken. And if you know me/us, you know that's a feat. It was really just what my mom needed, as she's been overly stressed for basically two years now. 

In the end it turned into a little too much togetherness that came to a head when my sister and mom got into an argument. about lunch. in the middle of an airport terminal. *sigh* by that point I was glad we were going home where we could lock everyone in a different room. 

But after getting back late and spending time with my friends last night, this morning I had to attack my dun dun dun suitcase. Does anyone else absolutely hate doing vacation laundry? It's not just that it's a week of laundry, but something about it being stuck in a suitcase and lugged back from a fun place, just makes it less fun to do.

But on to why today was a great day

1- I woke up in my own bed. Nothing like that!
2- I cleaned out my entire closet. If you know the enormity of my wardrobe, you should be impressed.
3- It rained. And then turned sunny. 
4- I was sweetly reminded how lucky I am to have my friends. They're amazing and supportive. How'd I get so lucky?!
5- I realized I tanned instead of burned this past week. Major win. 

Anyone have any good vacation or post vacation stories? If so, please share! :) Have a great Friday night!

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